2805 Abbot Kinney Blvd.,

Unit A

Venice, CA, 90291

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(310) 487 2396

Omg the new studio is suuuper nice!! My husband and I have been going to the OG Wilshire Massage and so excited that they opened Abbot! Love the vibes of the studio!

When you book your appointment definitely tell Andrew what kind of massage you like and what your issues are first. He knows every therapists strengths and weaknesses and can make great suggestions as to who might be the best fit for you.

I highly recommend Susan and Kate who are now working at both studios. Selfishly I hope it’s just temporary since Wilshire is closer to home. Both these ladies are MUST tries if you have legit knots and tension you need rubbed out. Fair warning, their style isn’t the zen barely touching your skin kind. They really get in there with their elbows and fingers with hard pressure. Kate even walks on you. If you can take the pain I highly suggest it because the results are worth it (of course if you tell them to tone it down they totally would!!!) Both my husband and I have shed tears during our 2hrs, come home super sore for 48 hours but after that we are so relaxed.

– Helen M.